Gardenscapes Cheats | Are There Free Gardenscapes Coins For Android And IOS

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Do Gardenscapes cheats actually work? Have you ever seen a video that said you could use Gardenscape cheat codes to get free coins or stars? These types of videos are everywhere. We see so many that we wanted to find out ourselves if free coins were real.

Of the Gardenscapes cheats and hacks only one stood out to us. It claimed that it didn’t work the same way that others do. It supposedly works by changing numbers using game debug code already in the game. This was appealing to us because we didn’t need to jailbreak our phones or risk a virus to try it out.

This cheat also only offered coins, which made sense. Most offer coins, stars, and lives. There didn’t seem to be any real reason for that. After choosing this Gardenscapes cheat we tested it out and recorded our results. Did it work? Watch the video to find out!

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Gardenscapes Hack <- HERE