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Gardenscapes cheats and hacks for the free coins and stars!!


Hope everyone is searching for the right video that would help in providing free coins and star. Well you’ve reached the right place. Gardenscapes hack as generated me huge amount of stars and coins for me. This the best working method for now.

Just follow every instruction that you see in this video. Make sure you have a clear internet connection before trying. Post in the comments if you have any issues.

If you do not have this game get it downloaded from the following links.


If you have problem with the generator try to follow the steps and try
1. Clear the cache on the browser
2. Restart the game and the browser
3. Restart your device after clearing the cache
4. If the problem continues try after sometime (problems might arise because of heavy traffic)

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*LINK IN THE COMMENTS* Welcome to my new Gardenscapes Hack video made for 2020!
Today i’m going to show you how to generate free coins and stars. You can see in the video that I haven’t used many stars and coins. The reason lays in the fact that our servers are overloaded and we can’t guarantee you will get over 100 stars for example. It is not hard at all, and me and my team have been working really hard for this to work still as of august 2020! Just follow me and repeat the steps as i do them. This Gardenscapes cheat is the only one that is safe currently in the market, but we’ve limited to use to only 2 times per day. And we’d like to ask you not to resell the free coins or stars.
So here are the
1.Go to the website in the video. (link will be posted in the comments as well).
2.Choose the amount of Stars and Coins.
3.Type in your username, you can find it in the game settings.
4.Click generate.
5.Click verify and now you have to download and INSTALL 1 or 2 apps (depends on the day).
6.Run each app for at least 30 seconds, and then exit the app AND IMMEDIATLY open Gardenscapes apk.
After these steps you should see the mod working. The proof that this gardenscapes hack is working is in the video itself.
If you need any help, you get stuck,etc. just comment below and if i have time i’ll be glad to help you. Thanks and support our future development with a like 🙂
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Gardenscapes Hack <- HERE