GardenScapes Hack 2017 Free Stars and Coins with PROOF

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Hi guys!
Welcome to our GardenScapes Stars and Coins Hack 2017.In the video I’ll go through a whole process and show you that it actually works for android and ios!
Steps to hack
1.Go to
2.Type in username, select amounts of stars and coins.
3.Verify that you’re a human.

In order to avoid spam bots, we use our protection.You will need to download at least one app and run it for 30-40 seconds.Then exit it and run GardenScapes immediately.
These cheats will only work that way, otherwise you will need to start again.
We’re giving you our newest tool, Gardenscapes hack 2017 edition, that has just been released.
read our terms of service before using our generator. Our Gardenscapes Hack is not responsable for any damage caused to the user for a uncorrect usage of it.
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This gardenscapes hack gives you free coins and stars. This tutorial shows you how to use it.

Ever since I got an ad for this game called gardenscapes I played it daily. Even tho it looks like a copy of other games I really like original levels it has and moves that you can use to win the level. This puzzle/board game captivates thousands of people around the world.

Playing gardenscapes often I run out of resources pretty fast. I wanted to get coins and stars easier and FASTER. After some googling I found out that there are developers making a gardenscapes hack that is hosted online. I had to try it!

I tried it on my iPhone 7 and it worked :O Got myself 500,000 coins and stars and my iPhone is not jailbroken like it has to be for other mods.

Today I am making a tutorial to teach anyone who wants to cheat on gardenscapes game how to do it. Requirements for this tutorial are only to have a phone/tablet you can use to visit this website on. Make sure you watch the full video and don’t miss an important part or information. If you have questions after video don’t hesitate to leave a comment 🙂

Summary of
1. Open the website I show you in the video tutorial
2. Enter your username and click orange button
3. Choose how many coins and stars you want
4. Click next and wait
5. Verify and you will receive your resources

That is it for today’s hacking gardenscapes game tutorial see you in my next video bye!

Gardenscapes Hack <- HERE